Friday, December 19, 2008

Foraging on the slopes of Hualalai

Aloha and Happy Holidays!

My family loves to work with our hands, and the holidays really put us in the mood. My daughter and I went foraging up the slopes of Hualalai on the Big Island of Hawaii recently.

We brought our clippers and containers, and found spots where we could trim to make our holiday wreaths. It may look like scrub to the untrained eye, but to us, it's a gold mine of scrappy native shrubs who will benefit form a little haircut.

We found ohelo berries, several varieties of lichen, dried branches, Christmas berries, and grasses. I also clipped palm berries and hydrangeas from her yard to give my wreathes some more vibrant color.

She had the blanks, and I had purchased florist pins to make the job much easier. We wrapped the blanks with ti leaf and raffia first to give the base a finished look. Then we spread out all the goods on the picnic table and got busy. It was so much fun. The kids jumped in and found that they liked gold glitter as well. Everybody's personalities came out in their wreaths. My daughter's were so beautiful, and perfect, all the berries and similar plants were grouped together. Mine were a bit on the wild side, with a lot of co-mingling going on.

It was a blast, a great way to spend time together. After all, that is what the holidays are about.

Ask my kids what their most memorable Christmas was, and they all will say, "It was the year we painted rocks for each other."

From my heart to yours, warm wishes filled with love, aloha and family during the holiday season.!!!

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Unknown said...

[Editor's Note: This is a comment that was emailed to Cherie]

Aloha from Germany,

being a Hawaii-Lover i am a passionate (but silent) reader of your blog and i love it! [...]

I'm thrilled by your wreaths - truly beautiful! Over here we make
them out of pine-branches & berries, stick 4 candles in and light them one by one on the last
4 sundays before christmas.. until on christmas-eve they are all lit.

Next year, i'll break the tradition and fix myself a aloha-wreath...

can't wait.

All the best wishes for the holidays & keep up the writing and the nice pictures.

Hui Ho & "Schöne Weihnachten"