Monday, May 18, 2009

Holoholo o Wahine

Aloha Folks...

Haleakala Crater in Haleakala National Park, Maui, HawaiiWhat a wonderful week of hiking and adventure!!! Tammy and I took some truly amazing hikes and visited some very special places. Even after 6 days, there are still places I want to go, and things on my list for the week. But, I've got to shelve my shoes for a few days, sit at the computer, and play in the garden.

We had a nice little spring rain today, perfect for the garden. What a time of promise! I love it!

Haleakala was truly stunning, with the varied weather, vistas and terrains. We met up with a young German couple and crossed paths throughout the day. I am posting a shot of Tammy taking a a little perspective on the scope and size of the crater.

There are more shots on the testimonial page of the Maui Divine Walkabout, or Holoholo o Wahine. The Hawaiian translation is loosely women "going around."Dog doing flips over Maui Hawaii beach!

The inner journey was rich as well. My mind stayed busy creating for many miles, and I enjoyed the silence as I reminded myself to just listen.

I am also posting a couple of fun pictures that I took this week. A crazy dog flipping over thrown sand on Baldwin beach, and something I have not seen before...a sand crab swimming like crazy to get across from the reef to the beach. Crab swimming over coral reef in Maui HawaiiHis little arms were working up a frenzy trying to beat the current as I spied him from the beach. He froze, and probably lost a lot of ground, when I stepped in the water to take the picture.

Aloha, and may the promise of spring fill you with joy.


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