Saturday, September 12, 2009

End O' Summer Special! Save 10% to 20%!

Koi in the Pond of the Hale Hookipa Inn, Makawao, Hawaii
Aloha Folks,

Call me crazy, but I was just sitting out by the pond, pre-dawn soaking up the moon and star shine. The big koi are gently floating around reflecting the moon, all is quiet. The birds are still snoozing, a few roosters in the distance, even the crickets are asleep.

Summer is coming to a close. It is dark by 7 pm, we really do not have much of a "dusk" in Hawaii. It's only about 15 minutes loooonnggg..............then..... , bam, dark. Next comes the part I love, watching the moon come up over Haleakala. My garden has a few night blooming plants. The night blooming Jasmine, when covered in blossoms, perfumes the entire garden. Last week, the mock orange was in bloom, and all of Makawao smelled of mock orange blossoms for a few days. It was delicious.

A flower in the organic garden of the Hale Hookipa Inn Maui Hawaii bed and breakfastIt is not quite fall yet, summer is still lingering, but we all realize that the subtle season change is coming into view. The first north swell of the season is pounding our shores this weekend.

This really is a great time to visit the islands. Parking is available everywhere. Folks are offering specials everywhere...(the fish are jumping and the cotton is high.).... not really, but the waves are rolling in, and the sun is warm.

In celebration of the End O' Summer, I am offering a SPECIAL as well. For folks on the fence, or waiting for a special, take 20% OFF of a lovely room at Hale Ho'okipa from now until the end of Oct, and 10% off of future bookings if confirmed by the end of Oct.

Buddha Statue on Maui HawaiiSo, Yoga students, roll up your mats and come to Maui, hikers, pack your boots, volunteers, do your homework, relaxers, find a great book.....What ever warms your heart and puts a smile on your face, Maui no ka oi( da best) has it going on.

The birds are waking up, the day is dawning, really glad I could share it with all of you.

May you have a wonderful weekend.

Mahalo and Aloha,


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