Monday, October 25, 2010

North Shore Clean Up: Success!


A wonderful event took place on the North Shore of Maui yesterday, and we are all the better for it.
+H2O of Maui organized a massive clean up of Maui's North Shore Beaches and Beyond. These awesome folks partnered with Community Work Days and Maui Chapter of Surfriders Foundation and other local folks to clean up the shoreline and raise money for their Water Charities Fund.

+H2O''s founder Levi Silver is passionate water man who walks his talk by raising more than awareness of our precious resource. Please check out their site and donate if you can to help create clean water sources for impoverished areas.

The community really pitched in with hauling truck loads of trash off the shoreline and pulling abandoned cars from the cane field surround the shoreline. It is hard to believe how disrespectful some folks can be their own opala (trash)......! I have been eyeing one of our upcountry streets to walk and clean up, gonna happen soon. I don't understand why we see more trash on the side of the roads lately...But, the good news is, the community is coming together for these sorts of wonderful events with the common cause to make a difference.

Come and visit and volunteer on Maui, check out my for a great experience during your island time. More of my guests are enjoying these benefits, discounted stay with me (!) and an opportunity of a life time, to give back, usually in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Do Good, Feel Good! Simple formula for a Happy Life.


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