Friday, January 14, 2011

Wild Maui Weather


It's been an interesting mix of weather in the last couple of weeks.

Maui caught alot of rain, inches, maybe even feet(!) .... the tropical downpours were punctuated with very loud thunder and bright lightening as well.

My main reason for posting this blog is that I have some really amazing photos to share that a friend shot during the aftermath of the last storm.

Mt. Haleakala has very deep gorges carved in the flanks from top to bottom. I always love flying over the side flanks of this 10,000 ft mountain in the small planes. The views down into these gorges are magnificent.

During different times of the day, the shadows cast inside the deep gullies look like veins on the mountain.

On this calm and clearing morning after buckets and buckets of rain, the gulches filled with water were silver ribbons rolling down the mountain. It was as if the demi-god, Maui, flung sparkling ribbons off the top of the summit towards the ocean. This was a sight to behold, and I was so lucky to see it. I have not seen that many dry stream beds all overflowing with water at the same time.

My friend Aki'Ra Yashiro lives in upper Kula so it was easy for him to get up on the mountain to take pictures while the water was still flowing from the previous night. I was so excited to see his photos and wanted to thank him again for spending the effort to get these rare shots.

I was told that Haleakala Park was closed today. There may have been some necessary clean up after this last round of storms. A day prior the high winds reached up to nearly 100 mph up at the summit.

This winter has been good for the previously parched islands. The rolling hills are emerald green and a welcome sight to behold.

From what I hear, it sounds like many places in the world are experiencing major weather. I hope everyone stays safe, warm and dry. If you find yourself wanting a get away, give me a call. I do still have some openings in the b&b.

Mahalo and Aloha,

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Mariko said...

It must be amazing to see that view from the air.
Now, every time it rains, I worry about flooding, even though it's been two years since that happened.