Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oahu Adventures

Kama'aina (Hawaii residents) like to holo-holo (travel) to outer islands. Island hopping is not what it used to be, especially as far as ticket prices go. I remember $12 inner island tickets! So, now, we plan real vacations instead of jumping over for lunch, or a surf, or to shop. Best to make the most of it.

I had a special occaision with some of my ohana this last weekend. We stayed in Waikiki , that's one busy place! The main event was a fashion show that my grand daughter was in. It was great fun, and I enjoyed seeing all the girls stomping down the cat walk for family and friends.

I introduced my daughter to a very special place called Foster Gardens. The beautiful grounds in the middle of Honolulu can make you forget that you are even in the city. This amazing garden, was planted in the late 1880's, and is still vibrant and healthy today. The wide variety of trees are magnificent, as in HUGE, and still growing. All in all, it was fun to take a break and have a different experience. Each island is has it's own personality.

Here's to stepping out and having some fun. New experiences enrich us for our whole lives. I think my travel bug will never retire......

Much Aloha,

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