Monday, October 31, 2011

Shipwreck North Shore


Today I decided it was time for a swim and a walk on the North Shore. I was tempted to go yesterday, but opted for a mountain walk instead. I wish I could get out and walk somewhere wonderful everyday..., but, even life on Maui can get busy.

Sunday, a shipwreck ended up on our sweet Baby Beach reef. Not an ordinary sight to see while strolling down the beach.

The story goes, the "Quantem Leap" (hmm, interesting name....) was left on it's own off the east coast of the Big Island. Two sailors from Portland, Oregon had to be rescued by the Coast Guard.

I really don't know what happened, other than this boat continued on it's journey to by pass Hawaii island and come to rest on my favorite small beach on Maui's North Shore, some 700 miles away. I have to say, that this boat caught a lucky break ending up where it did..
The South shore of Maui could have offered a softer landing in some places..but, it was North Shore bound.

I used to own fishing boats, and seeing any boat in distress still causes my stomach to flip flop.Spotting a boat stranded on a reef is twices as sad....the reef is being damaged, and the boat is often a gonner.

On the Big Island, back in my fishing days, because we were up on the north and west shore, more than once we were called on to look for boats that did not end up where and when they were supposed to.

So, sure hope all is well with these sailors, and hopefully they are happy to learn the fate of the

Quantem Leap.

With all that is happening in our wild, wonderful and wacky world, many times a day, I stop , and look around with a smile, and think, lucky am I to live where I do, and to meet the great people that I meet every day.

Maui is calling, are you listening?

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