Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kona Snow = Coffee Blossoms


I just returned from a sweet little vacation on the Big Island for my birthday. It was wonderful in every way. The weather was mostly sunny while the rest of the state was being flooded by a large storm. We had a couple of days of beach time, I got to see old friends, watch my granddaughter's water polo game and plain ol relax.

While in KonaI was rewarded with the site of "Kona Snow" The white blossoms covered the small coffee trees. These flowers will develope into the coffee cherries which will be hand picked between August and January.

Eighteen pounds of cherries will be dried and processed into 2 pounds of Kona Coffee. The slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa are cultivated in small coffee farms. There are an estimated 800 coffee farms in the Kona area. It's a labor intensive product, hence the high price it commands at market.

In 1828, coffee cuttings were brought in from Brazil and later in the 1800's an English merchant named Henry Greenwell established the coffee trade.

Maui coffee has been up and coming in these last years with with small boutique farms. Sometimes I wish I was a coffee drinker with all the lovely smells in the early morning as I am preparing breakfast.. My last batch of guests were serious about their love for my Maui coffee, we went through 3 pots by 8 am.

So, come on over to Maui, so you can really "wake up ,smell and drink our coffee!!"

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Unknown said...

I have some very good friends who grow organic Kona coffee just south of Kona, up high on the mountain near Honaunau.

Anonymous said...

I adore Kona coffee. Any suggestions about which you consider the best?