Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life Affirming Design and Decor

Design has been near and dear to me for most of my life.  Personal taste is subjective, and I am hoping to go beyond the surface here and explore emotional response to design and decor.
 My  first memory of self expression in the world of design was my insistence of choosing a new color palette for my own bedroom. I may have been 9 years old, but I knew without a doubt that a lavender hue was what I wanted to wake up to each morning.  Being an artist, my mom was  enthusiastic in her desire to paint and re-paint our walls, so I knew she'd be game. My sense of self was elevated with this lavender bedroom. Being able to effect change in my surroundings set the stage for a life of spirited decor and design. 
Color anchors a room, and it is the least costly way to transform space. Creamy plantation white walls are the calm  negative space that are so vital in successful art. Crown moldings, plate rails and large baseboards of my heritage home are highlighted with tones that I choose to set a mood .
My Kona Wing guests described the two rooms as a "happy" mood....I laughed when I heard that as Victoria had coined it the "Happy" rooms just the day before.

Recently, I took advantage of a quiet week and tiled the shower in the Hibiscus room. My wonderful brother, who has lent a hand many times throughout the years, spent three days in a shower stall to get the job finished for me.While he was setting tile, I got busy making some changes   to this space. Fortunately I have enough inventory to "shop" in my own home.   The simplicity in this room is complemented by the serenity of nature in the decor.
Light is as essential as water and air to an artist. I like to use mirrors to reflect the  natural light from the antique wavy glass windows .It adds sparkle without going overboard.

Viki and I spin stories as a room is taking shape. The Rose room was next in line for a lift.  It was a true pleasure to develop a scene that spoke of  history, function, and elegance. We combined Plantation era pieces simple in their lines and design, with an ornate carved headboard telling the story of a family treasure surviving a long journey to a remote Hawaiian island. The guest who arrived into the Rose room after this transformation  told me at breakfast that he was very content in the room. He said it conveyed an elevated sense of old Hawaii .I smiled knowing that the honest sincerity of my design and decor offered repose, a  comfortable home away from home. What more could I ask for?

 With Gratitude and Aloha,

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