Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sustainable Contentment :)


Today I'm posting a little snippet of an on-line article by renowed author C.J. Good.

"Some local innkeepers on the island are so compassionate and effective at nurturing their guests, they become essentially servants of the collective highest good. They exude a kind of integrity that is almost three-dimensional.
What is contentment? According to Cherie Attix, Innkeeper of the Hale Ho'Okipa Inn Makawao, a bed and breakfast property in Maui, Hawaii, it is: "Knowing that I am living my life to the best of my ability I have a very strong spiritual foundation. I need to feel connected. I do art, I meditate, and I eat well."
Cherie continues, "I've been an innkeeper for 16 years, and have dealt with a lot of people. Inn keeping has taught me how to be open to see what someone has to offer. I don't label people. I am very open. I stay present with them."
Some people may not be aware that travel can transform their life, for it is in discovering new places that we perceive ideas and imagery that aids us in comprehending and interpreting our environment. When we cross the waters to a tropical land, we can temporarily leave behind our identities and relationships of the past, and can ponder on a future we might want to imagine for ourselves. It is irrefutable that in taking a getaway to Maui we will become much richer for it - for the adventure will breathe creative and intelligent new concepts into the conversation of our lives."...........

C.J. Good - About the Author:
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: C.J. Good is a freelance writer, keynote guest speaker, and author of two books about finding and cultivating contentment. "Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment" (Reviews 4.5 Stars, Look Inside) is available on Amazon. C.J. Good speaks and gives keynotes on travel topics, health issues, the generation x/y marketplace, sales and marketing. Her purpose is to write quality books that will make a difference in reader's lives. C.J. Good is a successful sales and marketing executive and worked in the travel industry for 17 years. ~

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