Friday, July 27, 2012

Organic Maui Fruit

Yes, indeed, I can say this now after seeing many comments on line about my fruit salad, and fresh fruit.  Praises have been sung around the world. Maybe it's not fruit from Heaven, but it is fruit from Maui. Much of it comes from my yard, depending on the season. My passion fruit, lilikoi is just starting to turn yellow and will be falling from the vines in a couple of weeks. My mangos are starting to blush.

Fruit salads are my speciality. I dress the salad with a fresh lilikoi if I have them in the garden. The flavor is tart and a bit peppery with the seeds. It makes a nice compliment to the sweetness of apple bananas, papaya, guava and mango. Some of my favorite repeat guests have mentioned how much they like the lilikoi topping.
Every now and then I have fresh grated coconut as well. I look forward to my own coconut trees producing nuts, love that coconut water and spoon meat.

Last week I was fortunate enough to find white pineapple in Paia. It was perfect because one of my guests normally has a reaction to the acid in a yellow pineapple and she was so pleased and surprised how gentle the white pineapple was.
This is a little sampling of what  guests say about breakfast.    This may be why  people call to ask if they can come over for breakfast. I have to tell them it's only for guests staying of Hale Ho'okipa.
 "Breakfast fruit choices are fantastic: most breakfasts had lilikoi, cheremoya, avocado, rambutan, orange, apple bananas, strawberries."
“The fresh fruit from Cherie's garden was a delicious treat each day.”
"The breakfasts were fantastic - so much fresh fruit, much of it grown right in the yard. It was definitely "fruit heaven."
"This is the best fruit salad I have ever had."

Today was a bit overcast and I worked in the garden. It was nice to take a break from the computer and get my hands in the dirt again. I hope to get my ground turned and ready for fall. Our soil has a bit of clay so I have to work to prepare it. It should be ready to plant this weekend.

It is a great time to visit Maui, the weather is comfortable, hiking is perfect now. It's not high season, there is lots of parking everywhere, and the ocean is so very inviting.

Hope to see you soon.
With Aloha,

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