Saturday, July 7, 2012

Independence Day Parade Makawao Style


Today was a perfect day for a parade....a fresh morning rain left the street glistening when the first horses started down Makawao Ave. I missed seeing the old cars,  as guests lingered over breakfast this morning not quite ready to brave the drizzle. My friend, Victoria and I, arrived in time for the end of the large trucks blowing their air horns. I sure could have missed that part..

After Miss Rodeo and the Grand Marshall, the bedecked rides and riders owned the street. I love this part of the parade..The horses are
decked in ti leaf leis, and the riders wear their palaka proudly.

There were too many political folks in the parade.
Being an election year, they were out in full force
today. I'd rather see kids and horses any day.

The real showstoppers today was the  keiki hula float with the sweetest young hula dancers wearing their lei and delighting the parade watchers. Lots of clapping encouraged the happy little dancers. This is what I will never tire of....The people of Hawaii are  so beautiful with a special blend of cultures and colors....

 I snapped a shot of a  young cowboy and his elder holding the reins on the walk home from the parade. I think I embarressed the boy by telling them what a handsome pair that they made.I just could not help myself.. I was all smiles and feeling content having enjoyed yet another July 4th parade, and they were some serious cowboys...

Come share in the simple pleasures of Maui's good life. Not everyday is the 4th of July, but everyday there is a chance to see something that will put a smile on your face.

With Aloha,

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