Thursday, August 26, 2010

Maui Real Estate


Being able to call Maui "Home" is a dream come true. Every day I get to experience my guest's excitment and awe of our island's natural beauty. Honestly, I have seen more amazing photos than most folks. Evenings and early mornings often find guests pouring over their shots at the table.

I enjoy sharing Aloha and my life in the islands . Because of my deep respect for the aina (land), I feel privileged to be a guide to my guests. When I used to fish on the Big Island, the greatest joy I experienced was when we had guests on board that had never seen the ocean before their trip to Hawaii.

The visitor industry in Hawaii has been my focus for 25 years, and now this focus has progressed it's natural course to helping folks find their new homes on Maui. I am now a licensed Realtor (S) in the state of Hawaii. I am a member of RAM, the Real Estate Association of Maui, and NAR, the National Association of Reators.

Many guests at Hale Ho'okipa Inn are staying with me while they are searching for their next big adventure, a lifestyle change, a move to the lovely island of Maui. I have often answered questions about schools, cultural experiences, and climates in different areas of the island. People are curious about building restrictions and requirements, and I refer them to our Maui County Building Depts, and Maui County website for property tax info, etc.

I spend time at breakfast with guests setting out for their day's adventures, be it a trip up the spectacular Haleakala Crater, a road trip out to Hana, or a snorkel or golf adventure.

Even folks with their island maps looking at different areas that may suit their needs, or searching for a realtor. Because of the personal attention that I give to guests, I realised that this is a relationship being built on trust. I trust guests in my home, and they in turn trust me to take good care of them while they are here.

Having owned a number of properties on Maui and the Big Island , my focus has been on restoration of heritage homes. Two of my homes were built in 1924, and 1939, and have been a rewarding challenge to restore them to their former charm. The complex history of the islands fascinates me, and restoring an older homes opens a window to this rich history.

The quality of light in the islands is so special, many artists reside here with inspiration all around. Maui has a growing reputation as an international art mecca. My own art forms are watercolor and woodblock. I always look to enhance the light and allow ways for the outdoors to flow inside.

Hawaii has been my home for over thirty-five years, Upcountry Maui is where I live, garden, work and play.....with regular walks and swims along the beautiful, windswept North Shore. The rolling pasture lands, and breath taking vistas from the slopes of Haleakala are awe inspiring.. Maui is a place of spectacular views, lush gardens, friendly people, great resturaunts, organic gardens, cultural events, art galas, walks on the beach, swims, surfs, and paddles in the ocean.

Maui truly is "no ka oi", the best.....and I am so very pleased to share my home with you, and to help you find yours.

With warmest Aloha,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Best Hotels of Makawao, Maui, Hawaii

Quick note about another award for the Hale Hookipa, this time from!

Dear Hale Ho'okipa Inn,

We are pleased to inform you that Hale Ho'okipa Inn has been identified as "Best of Hotels Makawao Hawaii", by awards are based on a careful analysis of customer reviews and expert ratings from across the web collected from over 5000 different websites and millions of customer opinions.

This award has been posted to's page for Hale Ho'okipa Inn, and is visible to all UpTake users.

Congratulations, Cherie!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

End O' Summer Special #2

Aloha Folks.......

That time of year again, facing the wind down of summer fun, (aahh, already?!). However, this is a nice time of year to visit Maui. Despite our dry months, the air is fresh, the trade winds blowing, with fluffy white clouds in a deep blue sky.

My hens starting laying for the first time this morning, and I look forward to having local, fresh eggs to offer to guests for breakfast (is this a strange thing to feel proud of?). I don't think they could get any more local or fresh...

I did try having ducks, but they were pretty quacky a bit too early for me. I love hearing the birds singing as the day breaks, there are lots and lots of birds here. The ducks were drowning out every body else, so they moved on to a large gathering of wayward ducks on a big property in Haiku. They look pretty happy with a crew of friends now.

Sunset last night found me picking papayas all around the property. My arms were full of sunrise papayas as the day was ending. A nice feeling of contenment and gratitude to close the day.
I've decided to post a End O' Summer Special again... I am offering a 15% discount (! wow, the prices were low already) for anybody booking a stay at the Hale Hookipa for the August 15 to Sept 15 time period.

It's a bit quieter out and about, and really a super time of year in the islands. I have to ask myself here, when is not a super time of the year in the islands? Well, specials like this may just make the difference in waiting or booking now. So, limber up your fingers and drop me a line, or pick up the phone for some friendly Aloha, and a super deal. As always, I am happy to help with your plans while on our beautiful island. Folks usually like my suggestions for places to eat and things to do.

It's a beautiful Friday, and I am going to put some greens in the garden today, and maybe an afternoon stroll on the north shore with my dog Annie. She needs to chase rocks and seaweed at least three times a week, and we are due.

Life is good.....sending out Aloha worldwide.

See you in paradise soon.