Friday, July 27, 2012

Organic Maui Fruit

Yes, indeed, I can say this now after seeing many comments on line about my fruit salad, and fresh fruit.  Praises have been sung around the world. Maybe it's not fruit from Heaven, but it is fruit from Maui. Much of it comes from my yard, depending on the season. My passion fruit, lilikoi is just starting to turn yellow and will be falling from the vines in a couple of weeks. My mangos are starting to blush.

Fruit salads are my speciality. I dress the salad with a fresh lilikoi if I have them in the garden. The flavor is tart and a bit peppery with the seeds. It makes a nice compliment to the sweetness of apple bananas, papaya, guava and mango. Some of my favorite repeat guests have mentioned how much they like the lilikoi topping.
Every now and then I have fresh grated coconut as well. I look forward to my own coconut trees producing nuts, love that coconut water and spoon meat.

Last week I was fortunate enough to find white pineapple in Paia. It was perfect because one of my guests normally has a reaction to the acid in a yellow pineapple and she was so pleased and surprised how gentle the white pineapple was.
This is a little sampling of what  guests say about breakfast.    This may be why  people call to ask if they can come over for breakfast. I have to tell them it's only for guests staying of Hale Ho'okipa.
 "Breakfast fruit choices are fantastic: most breakfasts had lilikoi, cheremoya, avocado, rambutan, orange, apple bananas, strawberries."
“The fresh fruit from Cherie's garden was a delicious treat each day.”
"The breakfasts were fantastic - so much fresh fruit, much of it grown right in the yard. It was definitely "fruit heaven."
"This is the best fruit salad I have ever had."

Today was a bit overcast and I worked in the garden. It was nice to take a break from the computer and get my hands in the dirt again. I hope to get my ground turned and ready for fall. Our soil has a bit of clay so I have to work to prepare it. It should be ready to plant this weekend.

It is a great time to visit Maui, the weather is comfortable, hiking is perfect now. It's not high season, there is lots of parking everywhere, and the ocean is so very inviting.

Hope to see you soon.
With Aloha,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hawaiian Monk Seal


I am so excited to share these wonderful photos of a Hawaiian Monk Seal resting on the beach. Years ago I remember seeing one way out by a bouy while fishing in the ocean. Up until that time I had seen very few as they were rarely sighted close to or on the populated islands.
Now, we see them a bit more often, and it is really special. Even so, it is estimated that there are fewer than 1,000  Hawaiian Monk Seals living today. They are endangered and offically became the Hawaii State mammal in 2008.

Most seals prefer colder waters, the Hawaiian Monk seal lives in warm waters in the northern most islands of the Hawiian Island chain. They forage on lobsters, fish and octopus...and are very sleek in the water.

They will haul themselves out onto the sand  to rest in the heat of the day. A seal will often spend the afternoon sunning and napping on a beach. Whenever one is spotted, someone will call a ranger to  come  and rope off the area so the seal will not be disturbed. It is a bit clumsy on land, and could easily be bothered by someone coming too close. Most people who live in Hawaii are very protective of the seal and will make sure that people keep their distance.
This particular  Monk Seal was spotted at Kamakahonu Bay in Kona a few weeks ago. My dear Ilana  Maxwell snapped these wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing your photos, Ilana! She said that beachgoers had drawn a line in the sand around the female seal to give her  space while she lounged on the beach. Look at that face,she looks pretty comfortable.

Consider yourself blessed if you are fortunate enough to see one of these beautiful creatures.

Malama ke kai..take care of the oceans..

With Aloha,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Maui Real Estate July


It's that time again, July Hot Picks have been chosen and I want to share them today,
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My favorite is this lovely quality home on two acres of a park like setting of a highly desireable area of Lower Kula.  Real Estate in Upcountry Maui is some of the finest on the island. This unique property has the possibility to sell the cottage  with a smaller section of the parcel.
The views from this property are very inspiring, and I sure could pass some time in that heated lap pool.

Now, as far as views, check out this one from the Door of Faith Rd. property. It is so dramatic, and in an off the beaten path area, yet close to Paia on the North Shore.
The properties that are considered the best deals this month are not all high end..we have chosen
something from lower and mid range as well.
If you have any questions or interest in Maui Real Estate, please contact me. I'd be happy to help.

With Aloha,

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Sale at Hale Ho'okipa Inn


It's time for a small summer sale at Hale Ho'okipa Inn Makawao   July and August accommodations are on sale , book now for an itty bitty savings  :~)
Every year I like to offer my guests a savings on their stay, and it seems that summer is perfect for a sale.

$5 off  per day may not sound like much..........
So here are some suggestions of what that $5 a day can do to make your vacation even more wonderful:

1 lb of ono delicious lychee from Mana Foods!
1 small red Dragon Fruit from Mana Foods ( the best food store in all of Hawaii, hands down)
1 large bag of organic and fresh greens from Mana Foods ( my list sounds like I eat alot!)
1 gallon and a smidge more of gas for your holo-holo adventures
2 boxes of local and yummy strawberries at Pukalani Superette
2 ahi fish patties and sauce at Rodeo General Store in Makawao
2 nights discount can buy you a beautiful Puakinikini lei at Pukalani Superette
2 nights of discount will satisfy your appetite at the popular Paia Fish Market (best fish burgers around)
2 nights discount will get you into the amazing Haleakala National Park, good for three days!

A jump in the ocean is free, a swim in our Upcountry pool is free, a dip in a mountain stream is free.
A glorious sunset sitting on the beach won't cost you anything. Cooling off in a tradewind breeze is yours for the asking.

It is possible to enjoy Maui without breaking the bank.., and it's a fun adventure seeking out all the great food and experiences waiting for you.

See you soon...

Independence Day Parade Makawao Style


Today was a perfect day for a parade....a fresh morning rain left the street glistening when the first horses started down Makawao Ave. I missed seeing the old cars,  as guests lingered over breakfast this morning not quite ready to brave the drizzle. My friend, Victoria and I, arrived in time for the end of the large trucks blowing their air horns. I sure could have missed that part..

After Miss Rodeo and the Grand Marshall, the bedecked rides and riders owned the street. I love this part of the parade..The horses are
decked in ti leaf leis, and the riders wear their palaka proudly.

There were too many political folks in the parade.
Being an election year, they were out in full force
today. I'd rather see kids and horses any day.

The real showstoppers today was the  keiki hula float with the sweetest young hula dancers wearing their lei and delighting the parade watchers. Lots of clapping encouraged the happy little dancers. This is what I will never tire of....The people of Hawaii are  so beautiful with a special blend of cultures and colors....

 I snapped a shot of a  young cowboy and his elder holding the reins on the walk home from the parade. I think I embarressed the boy by telling them what a handsome pair that they made.I just could not help myself.. I was all smiles and feeling content having enjoyed yet another July 4th parade, and they were some serious cowboys...

Come share in the simple pleasures of Maui's good life. Not everyday is the 4th of July, but everyday there is a chance to see something that will put a smile on your face.

With Aloha,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday in South Maui


Sunday often finds me looking forward to doing something fun, take the day off, do some art, take a hike... I enjoy the end of the weekend.

Today after breakfast I was on a mission to view property in South Maui before my Real Estate showings tomorrow.
The Maui Banyan and the Grand Champions both fit the criteria for my search. One is in South Kiehi right across the street from the beach, the other is in Wailea on the hill just above the beach.
        I remember when this area of South Maui  before it became a vacation spot for so many, and it was dry forest along the coast. I used to camp and surf along this coastline back in the day.  I did not recognize the area when I  moved back to Maui from the Big Island. What was once lava fields had become emerald green golf courses, and it was a bit unsettling.
       I went to one of my favorite little beaches, and had a swim and was able to try Paddle board, and really enjoyed the experience.. I have to say that I do want to get into it a bit more.  Despite the wind and water chop, I was able to stand up and paddle and turn around to come back in on my second try.
      I decided to drive all the way down to La Perouse Bay. The Old Kings Trail was calling Annie and I for walk down the coast. It's a very special area, with ancient Hawiian ruins, and Old Hawaii feel.
It was peaceful and a stunningly beautiful day.
These are the kinds of days that remind me just how blessed I am. I don't really ever forget it, but,  walking in nature really brings it home.
Come to Maui to experience simple and beautiful nature, and kind weather.
  Living in Hawaii is a daily blessing.
I hear my neighbors strumming their ukuleles, laughing, and singing right now, the moon is large, and today was a great day.

With Aloha,