Monday, August 20, 2012

East Maui Watershed Wao Akua 2012

Aloha All,

It's been a fun and busy time lately. Last Friday night was Third Friday Makawao Town Party, and the opening of the East Maui Watershed Wao Akua 2012 show.

 I am honored to have had two pieces accepted into the show.

I framed my carved wood block after I ran a couple of prints. The  texture of the woodblock along with the inked colors was rather exciting to me. I love to feel the grooves in the wood  when I carve..I find that it starts telling me a story as I slice and peel the wood from the block.

 As far as the print goes, I had not really liked it as a finished piece. So I  figured there was nothing to loose and ended up tearing it  into a collage. What an liberating experience that was!  I have to say that the finished product is rather fun. It's always great to experiment.

My subject was the 'Ohelo Berry, a native shrub that grows  high up in Haleakala Crater and along the  slopes as well. Nene Goose feed on these tart and colorful berries. The varied hues of pink and red against the stark landscape of the lava fields is a stunning contrast.

The East Maui Watershed folks are some of my Maui heros.. The work they do to protect our native species deserves kudos from all. The turn out at the show was huge. The community is in full support of their important work. Part of the proceeds from all works sold at the show are donated to this deserving group of dedicated stewards of the land..

Mahalo to All and Malama Aina,

Thursday, August 2, 2012

PoliPoli State Park


Some days I just need to head up to the forest for some peace and quiet in nature. It's a bit of a trek up to PoliPoli state park along a very dusty and bouncy road. I know that a slice of heaven is at the end of the road and well worth the effort it takes to get there.
The forest is in a stage of new growth and recovery after a devestating fire some years ago. The pine and fir trees are over head high now, growing next to the charred remains of huge mountainside fire . It was quite dry today, except for down deep into the forest where the fog rolls in.
This forest was planted by the CCC in the 1930's  as an experimental timber forest. There are pines, fir and redwoods all growing together. The Redwoods  seem to thrive here, now strong and tall. Many of the other trees are uprooting as time goes by. Signs to watch out for falling trees are posted here and there, and they mean it.

The old cabins and large Hydrangeas really capture my creative attention as they adapt to the surrounding forest throughout the years.

Sitting and listening to the forest breath while the fog rolls in and drifts back out was soothing and just what I needed today.
May we all make time to be with nature often. Afterall, it is the best balance  for our busy lives.

With Aloha,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

End O' Summer Annual Sale

Aloha All,

It's that time of year again..perfect weather, quiet north shore beaches, clear days in Haleakala Crater, and the super sale at Hale Ho'okipa Inn Makawao.

I recently posted a $5 off sale, and now because I want to make sure all my guests have the best possible time while on vacation on Maui, I am offering an additional savings for August and Sept.
$10 OFF Per Night!!  Here are a few suggestions of what fun you can have and what ono food you can eat  with that extra money in your pocket.
4 boxes of  delicious Kula strawberries from Pukalani Supperette.
2 pounds of  Hawaii lychee at Mana Foods
2 outrageous  Maui Dragon Fruit at Mana Foods
A tastey salad at Makawao Garden Cafe

Put all your savings together and see what wonderful treasures you can find at Maui Hands or the Sheri Reeves Gallery in Makawao. Both galleries have affordable beautiful island art .
Or, how about an evening of entertainment at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center?...There is always something worthwhile seeing or listening to at the MACC.
You know that you'll need a Haleakala National Park  pass. So,for just $10, a 3 day pass is yours! The pass is good for the summit and the other side of the national park in Hana.

It's endless, all the wonderful food, great events, tours and special gifts that you can enjoy with your savings from staying at the Hale Ho'okipa Inn. It's a win-win for all, and that's what I like!

Hiking up at Haleakala has been fantastic the last few days. I helped my guests get geared up yesterday for their great adventure. They took the 11 mile hike through the crater and said it was an experience of a lifetime . Being from the UK  I don't imagine they get to do alot of volcano hiking.

 This coming weekend is the State Canoe Paddling Races on Oahu. If you get a chance to check it out, don't pass up the opportunity. I miss paddling, but still get to hear all about it from my friends and family. My Big Island family will be working hard and having fun with all the vendors at the races. Look for Moku Nui for some awesome island apparel.

Consider this an offical invitation to come to Maui, enjoy some savings and have a really sweet time.
With lots of Aloha,