Monday, January 31, 2011


Holy Cow, what a line up!! As I said in my last post, Maui is truly an Art Mecca. Check this out!

Three weekends in a row of amazing talent to visit, watch, learn and support. Each showcased artist will be giving demonstrations at their studios, open to the public. Visit the site for maps and artist bios, see who rocks your boat, and give them a visit.....Lucky we live Hawaii!!

See you there,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celebration of Hawaii through the Arts


The Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao has recently opened a new show titled Celebration of Hawaii 2011. This showing features ceramics, glass works, jewelry, photography, sculpture, quilts, watercolor, pastels and oils.

The artists are also offering demonstrations to anyone who wants to watch and learn. What a bonus! Today I enjoyed a demonstration from one of my favorite Plein Air pastel artists, Michael Clements.  The freshness of his work, the blocks of surprising rich color, and his ability to capture the quiet moments of life really speaks to me. I guess this what makes a successful Plein Air artist. In one hour Michale had a piece of work that I was so very excited about. Wow, I wonder how long it will take me to get comfortable with this medium. I've been enjoying pastels lately, but this bold approach really gave me something to think about.

Another artist that I also enjoy, Carmen Gardner, is shown in these posted photos. I've taken a few watercolor classes from Carmen. She is a very accomplished artist who participates in many shows. A few years back one of her incredible portraits was chosen for the cover for Art Maui. Carmen's attention to detail in her watercolors is astounding. She is pictured in front of her very striking oil painting of a lava flow in Kalapana. This work showcases Carmen's versatility, and this particular painting was one of my favorite of the show.

Michael Clements states on his web site, "I feel blessed to be living in a community that is rich in artistic talent and an Island that encourages and promotes the growth and education of artists of every age." He says it well, and, I have also said it time and again, "Maui is a world renowned Art Mecca." Artists and crafts people of all ages, all abilities, all talents and focuses share, show, teach and learn from each other. It's a blessing that everywhere I look, I can find an accomplished, willing and able artist to study with and learn from. How lucky I am!

If you want to view, purchase, learn or teach Art, come to Maui. You'll be happy you did!

PS. While you are here, if you need fine art supplies, please visit our lovely local art store in Makawao, Upcountry Fine Arts. These wonderful folks also have a gallery in their store, and they'll help you with all the art supplies you need.

Much Aloha,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow on Mt. Haleakala


Where's my socks!?

It's a nippy morning with SNOW on Haleakala. Wow, break out the Ug boots and fleece vests ( local wardrobe in the winter), cuz, Baby, it's cold outside!

We do not get snow often on Maui, seems like every 5-10 years. Unlike Mauna Kea on the Big Island, this mountain is white capped every year. Mauna means moutain and kea, white, in the Hawaiian language. Island residents high tail it up to Mauna Kea when there is snow, just to build a snow man or take a few turns, or ride a boogie board down the slopes. It is rather "survival fun", and the mountain being so high, 14,000 ft, people tend to leave their rational thought around 8,000 ft. Me included, I admit to skiing on Mauna Kea one morning many years ago, and surfing in the afternoon. I think just because I could.

My friend up in Kula, Aki' Ra Yashiro snapped some more amazing shots this morning of our beloved Haleakala blanketed in snow. On Maui, our mountain is closed during these super cold snaps due to dangerous ice on the curving mountain road. Some Mauians get a little upset because they want to travel up to the snow. I understand why the park personal make the decision to close the road. That black ice is no joke.

So, here's to the never ending, always changing , always amazing natural beauty of our wonderful islands. Remember to keep doing good things for the earth, as every day is Earth Day!

Keeping cozy,


Friday, January 14, 2011

Wild Maui Weather


It's been an interesting mix of weather in the last couple of weeks.

Maui caught alot of rain, inches, maybe even feet(!) .... the tropical downpours were punctuated with very loud thunder and bright lightening as well.

My main reason for posting this blog is that I have some really amazing photos to share that a friend shot during the aftermath of the last storm.

Mt. Haleakala has very deep gorges carved in the flanks from top to bottom. I always love flying over the side flanks of this 10,000 ft mountain in the small planes. The views down into these gorges are magnificent.

During different times of the day, the shadows cast inside the deep gullies look like veins on the mountain.

On this calm and clearing morning after buckets and buckets of rain, the gulches filled with water were silver ribbons rolling down the mountain. It was as if the demi-god, Maui, flung sparkling ribbons off the top of the summit towards the ocean. This was a sight to behold, and I was so lucky to see it. I have not seen that many dry stream beds all overflowing with water at the same time.

My friend Aki'Ra Yashiro lives in upper Kula so it was easy for him to get up on the mountain to take pictures while the water was still flowing from the previous night. I was so excited to see his photos and wanted to thank him again for spending the effort to get these rare shots.

I was told that Haleakala Park was closed today. There may have been some necessary clean up after this last round of storms. A day prior the high winds reached up to nearly 100 mph up at the summit.

This winter has been good for the previously parched islands. The rolling hills are emerald green and a welcome sight to behold.

From what I hear, it sounds like many places in the world are experiencing major weather. I hope everyone stays safe, warm and dry. If you find yourself wanting a get away, give me a call. I do still have some openings in the b&b.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Friday, January 7, 2011

Seeds and Stuff

Papaya Seeds+ Soil+Water= Papaya Seedlings

Aloha Cherie, Thank you again for the seeds. I am just not sure which kind of papaya seeds are which but I do have sprouts (^o^). Some of the first ones have six leaves; so exciting. I hope they will continue to grow happily so I can plant them at a few houses to see what kind of fruit I may get. Here is a picture so far. ~Corey
Ahh, this mak
es me very , very happy. Corey was a guest who visited from Oahu and had an unusual request at breakfast. He asked if I would save him some papaya seeds as I was scooping and slicing the papayas. He said that his family was having a difficult time getting any papayas to sprout. This was disturbing news to me. I guess they were purchasing GMO papaya. Tthe GMO "food" is designed to either produce no seeds or seeds that don't sprout. If you ask me, there is some very scary stuff going on with this technology.
I usually take a stance about being "pro" vs "anti". As far as food goes, I am pro: healthy, good, fresh, "ono" (delicious) and organic and natural food. GMO does not fit into any of those categories in my book. I am also pro : seeds, soil, water, sunlight...etc...everything needed to have abundance in your garden. My garden is abundant, and I strive to make it even more so.

The papaya tree picture I posted is round three of papayas on this same tree. This particular tree has been producing papayas for three years . It always has fruit. The first two harvests were the biggest. But, just keeping it watered, has kept it going and growing.

Next week on Maui is a program I am considering attending , at least for part of it . I did attend one a few years back and really learned quite a bit. This year I am interested in learning about growing green tea. Since I consume a fair amount, I thought I should grow some. My daughter gave me some locally grown green tea from the Big Island for Christmas. It was a thoughtful and tasty gift, and actually inspired me to grow my own.

To quote a local paper about the upcoming event::

"Since 2001, Maui Aloha ‘Aina Association, with support from the County of Maui Office of Economic Development, has hosted this annual “educational and experiential” conference to “honor their body’s well being and the soil’s vitality as a living organism, while producing nutrient rich food for the community.”

For more information about the 2011 Mind, Body & Soil Conference, visit'>

Spreading good seeds is spreading Aloha. From my garden to yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come visit, see you soon!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou


A most Happy New Year to one and all. !1/1/11 ( wow, we are all One, as a friend just reminded me!)

Such a beautiful time of year, a time of letting go of the past and welcoming the future. People tend to set new personal goals at the first of the year. I like to think about what is within my reach that I can re-commit to, and maybe stretch myself a bit as well.

All across the world people celebrate this day with traditions all their own. I saw a Brazilian friend at the beach today. She was practicing her traditional Brazilian ritual of releasing flowers in the ocean for the goddess Yemanja on the first of the year.. (1/1/11) once again!

Much like the tradition in Brazil, local folks in Hawaii also enjoy their fireworks on New Years. Many neighborhoods across our islands spend a few hours on the night of the 31st with all shapes and sizes of rockets, bombs, firecrackers and sparklers.. On the island of Oahu this was the last year for fireworks .Since health and safety issues have been connected with the fireworks free- for- all, there is now a ban in 2011.

Daylight today, Jan 1st, came with clean air and a beautiful pink sunrise. My tradition of a New Year's Day beach walk was as delightful as always. I usually spend the whole day relaxing and swimming, but I made it a short walk instead. Tomorrow I will be going out kayaking with friends to view the humpback whales. A full day out in the water is alot of sun for one weekend. Hopefully we are able to hear their haunting songs and watch their playful antics.

So, Hawaii is beautiful, rain or shine.

May your coming year be filled with joy and happiness. May you stretch to reach your own personal goals , may we all respect the earth, and take good care of eachother. Remember, we are all One.

Warmest Alohas,