Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hauoli Makahiki Hou


Jan 31, 2011 on the North Shore of Maui...what a great way to spend the last day of the year...THIS is what I mean, whenI say, "Maui No Ka Oi"

Maui is the Best.

E komo mai...welcome 2012

May all the love going around the world, double and then this New Year.



Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sustainable Contentment :)


Today I'm posting a little snippet of an on-line article by renowed author C.J. Good.

"Some local innkeepers on the island are so compassionate and effective at nurturing their guests, they become essentially servants of the collective highest good. They exude a kind of integrity that is almost three-dimensional.
What is contentment? According to Cherie Attix, Innkeeper of the Hale Ho'Okipa Inn Makawao, a bed and breakfast property in Maui, Hawaii, it is: "Knowing that I am living my life to the best of my ability I have a very strong spiritual foundation. I need to feel connected. I do art, I meditate, and I eat well."
Cherie continues, "I've been an innkeeper for 16 years, and have dealt with a lot of people. Inn keeping has taught me how to be open to see what someone has to offer. I don't label people. I am very open. I stay present with them."
Some people may not be aware that travel can transform their life, for it is in discovering new places that we perceive ideas and imagery that aids us in comprehending and interpreting our environment. When we cross the waters to a tropical land, we can temporarily leave behind our identities and relationships of the past, and can ponder on a future we might want to imagine for ourselves. It is irrefutable that in taking a getaway to Maui we will become much richer for it - for the adventure will breathe creative and intelligent new concepts into the conversation of our lives."...........

C.J. Good - About the Author:
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: C.J. Good is a freelance writer, keynote guest speaker, and author of two books about finding and cultivating contentment. "Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment" (Reviews 4.5 Stars, Look Inside) is available on Amazon. C.J. Good speaks and gives keynotes on travel topics, health issues, the generation x/y marketplace, sales and marketing. Her purpose is to write quality books that will make a difference in reader's lives. C.J. Good is a successful sales and marketing executive and worked in the travel industry for 17 years. ~

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stary, stary Night


If it was possible to convey this post in a whisper, that's what I'd be doing...

The stars are a brilliant blanket accross the early morning sky. I was just outside breathing in the night's super quiet, and very sweet. The little sliver of a moon has already set...

It's been wild ,windy and wet quite a bit this winter, and to see the promise of yet another crisp, clear and beautiful day coming makes me quite happy. I'll be taking my little Annie down to the north shore today...I have not been to the beach in awhile, and we are both due.

As we roll towards the New Year, my thoughts are filled with gratitude. My dear Kansas brothers who spend their Chritmas with me, are back. Last night we went to dinner at the fab Hailemaile General Store and then took in a fun film at the Maui Film Festival . What's not to smile about?

All is well as we prepare to slip into 2012....maybe I am up savoring the quiet...because...that will change into the normal festive free- for- all with fireworks to boot in a couple of days. .........

For now........ahh......back to star gazing and drinking in the quiet..

May these special days and nights bring peace and joy, and lots to smile about...

Aloha for now,

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mele Kalikimaka


Mele Kalikimaka

Sending Upcountry Holiday Aloha out far and wide..

May you feel the joy of the season, spend time with loved ones and count all your blessings.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Doings


Well, this was an unusual morning..starting at 3 am. I decided to go up to Haleakala to view the total lunar eclipse of the beautiful full moon. I picked up Laine at 3:30, and we headed up the mountain. It was really pouring in Makawao, kinda wild driving into the night in a huge downpour....But, half way up the mountain, the copper moon showed itself in wonderous splendor...The heavens were blanketed in zillions of shining stars with the orange ring hanging out over the ocean . WOW. My photo does not do it justice, but, I will post it anyway.

Then home to make breakfast for my guests from Sweden who decided not to brave the elements this morning.

Leaving the b&b after breakfast, we were driving towards a bright morning rainbow. Time to go pick out a Christmas tree up at the Kula Botanical Garden. It's fun to feel a chill in the air, with the scent of pines while picking out the perfect little tree..

Yes, Maui is a beautiful place to be, rain or shine, wind or's all good.

Sending out holiday Aloha to one and all...


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holidays Fares and Fairs


Hmm, that time of year again. I spent a bit of yesterday visiting the Haleakala Waldorf School holiday faire, and the Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center, Hui Holidays celebration. The Waldorf school fair is well attended, with many crafters, entertainment, holiday wreathes , fun for the keiki (children) and ono grinds .

My posts are often art oriented, and usually small business supportive. Yesterday my scores at the crafts's fairs were a kids's book by a local author, Queen Bee skin products made in Pukalani with local honey, a jar of delicious kiawae honey from Kihei, and some sweet earings made by an upcountry artist. (oops , those were for me).

Now that my grandkids are getting older, Christmas shopping is not as fun as it used to!, I said it. It seems that the focus of the average tween and teen has to do with all things electronic. I'm not big into electronics, would have no idea what to buy anyway. So, I just get to be very creative in my search for little gifts that will be meaningful to them.....

December days are ending early,it's dark by 6pm. The weather has been a bit muggy and overcast , which made for a really amazing sunset tonight. The sky was colored a brilliant red with streaks of gold. Gorgeous.I am taking a day off tomorrow, a swim is in order, it's been awhile...yippee, some beach time! My little dog will also be thrilled to run on the beach.

OK, Here's to hoping December is finding one and all in anticipation of wonderful family time, great holiday cheer, and cheaper airline tickets...

Much Aloha,