Thursday, July 14, 2011

Leilani Farm Animal Sanctuary

Mehana loved the sweet donkey!

Aukai and Mr. Pig, I forget his name

Aloha Animals Lovers

Deep in the heart of Haiku, sits a farm with a surprising cast of characters. The 8 acre sanctuary is home to goats, rabbits, donkeys, pea hens, pigs, ducks, deer and chickens. (Hope I did not leave anyone out.)

My grandkids and I recently had an afternoon visit at Leilani Farm Animal Sanctuary. It was great fun, and my grandson Aukai declared that he wanted to have a job at this cool place. He was in charge of brushing everyone who would let him. Audrey the deer followed us on our tour looking for some more love. The blind pig normally does not like to be brushed, but he was quite comfortable with Aukai.

This volunteer, non-profit sanctuary provides care and shelter for unwanted and abused animals, who, I must say, have now hit the jack pot! Our guide and the guardian angel of the animals, Lauralee is dedicated to raising the animals in a peaceful environment.

Tours are open to the public on Tues and Saturdays with a $10 donation requested. I will be posting this fun opportunity on my http://www.volunteer-on-vacation-hawaii/vacation-hawaii/ web site. This will be the first opportunity that is not strictly environmentally based.

So, if you want to have fun, do good, and hang out with some cool critters, hook up with Leilani Farms at I just had some guests call who are coming out to volunteer in another animal shelter this time. They've had fun in the past at Lelani.

Hope everyone is enjoying July, the weather here was a bit cool and wet, but, now summer is in full swing.

I hope you have an animal friend to love! ( My ducks are on on the loose...need to convince them to stay inside..I was herding one of them up my street yesterday, looking a bit silly)



Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another 4th of July


Another 4th has come and gone...the year is half over already, how did that happen?!

This year's parade was sweet as usual, with the added bonus that it was NOT an election year. No staggering amounts of politicians to yawn through.

Upcountry enjoyed beautiful horses, elegant riders, great music and the stick horse race to get things going.

My grandson and I braved the chilly evening rain to go and watch the bull riders on Friday night. He said he enjoyed it, but was too cold. I can say that I tried, but, the parade is by far my favorite part of the weekend.

Enjoy the photos that my friend Milo Hillaire took.

Keep on enjoying life, even if the holiday is pau (finished).

Much Aloha,