Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hauoli Makahiki Hou


Jan 31, 2011 on the North Shore of Maui...what a great way to spend the last day of the year...THIS is what I mean, whenI say, "Maui No Ka Oi"

Maui is the Best.

E komo mai...welcome 2012

May all the love going around the world, double and then this New Year.



Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sustainable Contentment :)


Today I'm posting a little snippet of an on-line article by renowed author C.J. Good.

"Some local innkeepers on the island are so compassionate and effective at nurturing their guests, they become essentially servants of the collective highest good. They exude a kind of integrity that is almost three-dimensional.
What is contentment? According to Cherie Attix, Innkeeper of the Hale Ho'Okipa Inn Makawao, a bed and breakfast property in Maui, Hawaii, it is: "Knowing that I am living my life to the best of my ability I have a very strong spiritual foundation. I need to feel connected. I do art, I meditate, and I eat well."
Cherie continues, "I've been an innkeeper for 16 years, and have dealt with a lot of people. Inn keeping has taught me how to be open to see what someone has to offer. I don't label people. I am very open. I stay present with them."
Some people may not be aware that travel can transform their life, for it is in discovering new places that we perceive ideas and imagery that aids us in comprehending and interpreting our environment. When we cross the waters to a tropical land, we can temporarily leave behind our identities and relationships of the past, and can ponder on a future we might want to imagine for ourselves. It is irrefutable that in taking a getaway to Maui we will become much richer for it - for the adventure will breathe creative and intelligent new concepts into the conversation of our lives."...........

C.J. Good - About the Author:
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: C.J. Good is a freelance writer, keynote guest speaker, and author of two books about finding and cultivating contentment. "Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment" (Reviews 4.5 Stars, Look Inside) is available on Amazon. C.J. Good speaks and gives keynotes on travel topics, health issues, the generation x/y marketplace, sales and marketing. Her purpose is to write quality books that will make a difference in reader's lives. C.J. Good is a successful sales and marketing executive and worked in the travel industry for 17 years. ~

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stary, stary Night


If it was possible to convey this post in a whisper, that's what I'd be doing...

The stars are a brilliant blanket accross the early morning sky. I was just outside breathing in the night's super quiet, and very sweet. The little sliver of a moon has already set...

It's been wild ,windy and wet quite a bit this winter, and to see the promise of yet another crisp, clear and beautiful day coming makes me quite happy. I'll be taking my little Annie down to the north shore today...I have not been to the beach in awhile, and we are both due.

As we roll towards the New Year, my thoughts are filled with gratitude. My dear Kansas brothers who spend their Chritmas with me, are back. Last night we went to dinner at the fab Hailemaile General Store and then took in a fun film at the Maui Film Festival . What's not to smile about?

All is well as we prepare to slip into 2012....maybe I am up savoring the quiet...because...that will change into the normal festive free- for- all with fireworks to boot in a couple of days. .........

For now........ahh......back to star gazing and drinking in the quiet..

May these special days and nights bring peace and joy, and lots to smile about...

Aloha for now,

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mele Kalikimaka


Mele Kalikimaka

Sending Upcountry Holiday Aloha out far and wide..

May you feel the joy of the season, spend time with loved ones and count all your blessings.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Doings


Well, this was an unusual morning..starting at 3 am. I decided to go up to Haleakala to view the total lunar eclipse of the beautiful full moon. I picked up Laine at 3:30, and we headed up the mountain. It was really pouring in Makawao, kinda wild driving into the night in a huge downpour....But, half way up the mountain, the copper moon showed itself in wonderous splendor...The heavens were blanketed in zillions of shining stars with the orange ring hanging out over the ocean . WOW. My photo does not do it justice, but, I will post it anyway.

Then home to make breakfast for my guests from Sweden who decided not to brave the elements this morning.

Leaving the b&b after breakfast, we were driving towards a bright morning rainbow. Time to go pick out a Christmas tree up at the Kula Botanical Garden. It's fun to feel a chill in the air, with the scent of pines while picking out the perfect little tree..

Yes, Maui is a beautiful place to be, rain or shine, wind or's all good.

Sending out holiday Aloha to one and all...


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holidays Fares and Fairs


Hmm, that time of year again. I spent a bit of yesterday visiting the Haleakala Waldorf School holiday faire, and the Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center, Hui Holidays celebration. The Waldorf school fair is well attended, with many crafters, entertainment, holiday wreathes , fun for the keiki (children) and ono grinds .

My posts are often art oriented, and usually small business supportive. Yesterday my scores at the crafts's fairs were a kids's book by a local author, Queen Bee skin products made in Pukalani with local honey, a jar of delicious kiawae honey from Kihei, and some sweet earings made by an upcountry artist. (oops , those were for me).

Now that my grandkids are getting older, Christmas shopping is not as fun as it used to!, I said it. It seems that the focus of the average tween and teen has to do with all things electronic. I'm not big into electronics, would have no idea what to buy anyway. So, I just get to be very creative in my search for little gifts that will be meaningful to them.....

December days are ending early,it's dark by 6pm. The weather has been a bit muggy and overcast , which made for a really amazing sunset tonight. The sky was colored a brilliant red with streaks of gold. Gorgeous.I am taking a day off tomorrow, a swim is in order, it's been awhile...yippee, some beach time! My little dog will also be thrilled to run on the beach.

OK, Here's to hoping December is finding one and all in anticipation of wonderful family time, great holiday cheer, and cheaper airline tickets...

Much Aloha,


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beautiful Day


Today was a beautiful day, after a big rain last night. There is a chill in the air..feels good.

I took alot of pictures in and around the b&b
today for an upcoming magazine article.

I've had many professional photographers shoot the property and historic home throughout the years.
It's always been intersting to see what they would consider photo worthy.
Today, I played photographer and looked at everything through my camera lense ...It was fun, and after I was able to get them all sent off to the magazine, I relaxed and worked on my art..

It was a good day in my artful life ...

Sending Aloha out to one and all..


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big Island Beauty


I wanted to share a special place that my daughter took me to on my Big Island visit.

Iwas delighted with our adventure. This trail runs along the North Kona coast and is well maintained, peaceful, and reminds me of our old days of hiking the South Kohala coastline. The fragrence of native grasses and coastal plants prompted a wave of nostalgia.

It was great to share these memories with my daughter, as she grew up in those coastal areas.

We used to spend alot of time hiking the rugged coast before it was developed. Watching the beautiful blue ocean with sweet waves breaking on the coral reefs, listening to the grouse sharing their song, and exploring all the tide pools, was how we spent our free time.

We would hike to an ancient Hawaiian petroglyph site that was located in the lava fields close by our little beach shack. We were lucky to spend time in this historical place. I believe it is now unavailable to visit due to preservation.

Sometimes we would discover game areas that were similiar to a checker board carved into the tide pool lava .We'd find little black and white lava and coral rocks and create our own games for fun. The kids would also take the snails our of the tide pools and put them on their skinny little shins and have snail races for a few minutes.

I do hope you enjoy the beauty of these photos and get the feeling of Hawaii and the special place it is.

With deep gratitude and much Aloha,


Monday, November 14, 2011

Makawao Town Party


Makawao, Maui, Hawaii - On Friday, November 18, 2011 from 5:00pm to 8;00pm, the upcountry town of Makawao inaugurates the Makawao Friday Town Party.

On the third Friday of each month from 5:00pm until 8:00pm, Makawao's merchants, community groups, and residents welcome the public to stroll the town center to enjoy musical acts, various indoor and outdoor food vendors, activities for children and adults, and a series of "mini-parties" being held in many of the town's shops, salons, and studios that line the streets of the town center.

This month's musical acts include popular local musicians Kepa, Hula Honeys ( ny favorite!) and Lily Meola. In addition to music, activities and vendors along the street sidewalks, each of the participating shopkeepers will offer one-time only discounts, refreshments or special giveaways inside their stores.

Thanks to Melissa from OnCore Studios for sending this newsletter and all her efforts in organizing the first Makawao Town Party.

This event will be a great way to kick off the holiday season.

Hope to see you there, a Makawao fall evening, bring something warm to wear upcountry.

A hui hou,,


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Malama Wao Akua


Tonight was opening night for the wonderful watershed show. Malama Wao Akua.

This show had a great turn out with well over a 100 entries. Several of my friends had pieces accepted, from printmakers, to photographers, to painters.. all outstanding work! Two entries featured the endangered Hawaiian crow..I want to go back when it's less crowded with more room and better light to see all the wonderful art

My piece "Maui Loulu", a woodcut and water color, depicts the endemic Maui palms on the b&b grounds. I was pleased to see that it sold within a few minutes of the show opening. Wow, that was cool, and a first for me.

Maui art is alive and well... I hope you get a chance to experience it during your visit to Maui...

The island is glowing green after our recent rain..a beautiful time of year to enjoy our paradise.

Aloha, a hui hou..


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Upcoming Watershed Art Show

Aloha All,

This is an official invite to the wonderful art show upcoming this Sat at the fabulous Viewpoints Gallery in downtown Makawao.There will be a walk through with the juror at 4pm.

I really love this gallery, one of my favorite places to take guests and show off our talented Maui artists.

My woodblock and watercolor will be in the show! Yippee. I am honored and happy, I worked hard on this piece. I can say for the first time in my life, I have two pieces hanging in two separate shows fun with art, for sure!

The Malama Wao Akua show features native species from Maui is a show that promotes a healthy watershed..A very worthy focus, one we all have to pay attention to. I will post more pics of the event, and maybe even a little video when I can get that together.

Aloha for now,


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moon light thoughts


The moon and I are up tonight.. It's bright, and my mind is active.
We are expecting some rain in a day or two, and I am thinking about all my returning guests as the high season bookings are rolling in.

Every season has it's special aspects. I'm not big on eating a huge amount of food for Thanksgiving, but, I do look forward to my grandson's birthday in that week.. I am very "thankful" for him. He will be 10 years old, phew!

Peoples's thoughts are turning to the holidays, and, I just recieved a great e-mail suggesting to shop locally this holiday season. This message is a wonderful reminder to folks about supporting our own local economies as we ponder the gifts we want to give to our family and friends.

I know the wonderful folks who run the local art supply place. I can think of a few people who would love to have a gift certificate from this small business, Upcountry Fine Arts.

I, for one, could stand to have my car detailed, and I can think of two local establishments that would do a fine job. Wouldn't that be a fun gift certificate to open up?

Maui Hands is one of the best galleries on the island, and they are only a 10 minute walk from Hale Ho'okipa. Chock full of fine art and crafts, made right here on Maui.

My favorite hair dresser is in our town as well..., and, we have so many massage therapists on Maui, and I imagine your community does as well.

The point here that I want to make, is to have lots of fun thinking about how to gift your loved ones something special from your own community. The e-mail I was talking about suggested to focus on North America as the orgin of your choices in gift giving...I am suggesting to focus on your own community. The folks we know, we reallywant to support. If we all do this, our holiday season may be a little brighter.

My own children will always remember the year that we all painted rocks for our holiday gift giving. This will stick out in my family's thoughts as one of the most memorable...each child in their own corner with their pile of rocks, and paint brushes and paint. It was so much fun for me to see them get into how to decorate the rock that they chose for their sibling.

The memory that I carry to this day, twenty something years later, is a gift that will keep on giving to me.

Well, a few more short hours and it will be time to create one of my special fruit salads for my guests. The winter mangos were a bit early, but sooo delicious, and the liikoi are never ending right now. I'll be up gathering avocados for breakfast at day break. Also, my big white guava is so bountiful, I love the size of the fruit compared to the wild ones growing everywhere. They add a great flavor and color to the fruit salad....Guests love the fresh flavors and wonderful combination..Ono,, as we say.

May your days be filled with joyful moments..Aloha for now ,

Monday, October 31, 2011

Shipwreck North Shore


Today I decided it was time for a swim and a walk on the North Shore. I was tempted to go yesterday, but opted for a mountain walk instead. I wish I could get out and walk somewhere wonderful everyday..., but, even life on Maui can get busy.

Sunday, a shipwreck ended up on our sweet Baby Beach reef. Not an ordinary sight to see while strolling down the beach.

The story goes, the "Quantem Leap" (hmm, interesting name....) was left on it's own off the east coast of the Big Island. Two sailors from Portland, Oregon had to be rescued by the Coast Guard.

I really don't know what happened, other than this boat continued on it's journey to by pass Hawaii island and come to rest on my favorite small beach on Maui's North Shore, some 700 miles away. I have to say, that this boat caught a lucky break ending up where it did..
The South shore of Maui could have offered a softer landing in some places..but, it was North Shore bound.

I used to own fishing boats, and seeing any boat in distress still causes my stomach to flip flop.Spotting a boat stranded on a reef is twices as sad....the reef is being damaged, and the boat is often a gonner.

On the Big Island, back in my fishing days, because we were up on the north and west shore, more than once we were called on to look for boats that did not end up where and when they were supposed to.

So, sure hope all is well with these sailors, and hopefully they are happy to learn the fate of the

Quantem Leap.

With all that is happening in our wild, wonderful and wacky world, many times a day, I stop , and look around with a smile, and think, lucky am I to live where I do, and to meet the great people that I meet every day.

Maui is calling, are you listening?

Friday, October 21, 2011

November Upcoming Events, and October end..

Aloha..Wow, the end of October already!!!!

Life has been busy, real estate and art shows have been adding to my already full and wonderful life.

Hale Ho'okipa Inn has also been steady, and filling up with future bookings. I have had some super fun guests lately ( as usual!!) Our traditionally slower season was not slow at all. I am very happy to see folks traveling again and enjoying the splendor of Maui. If you are looking for a good deal on sweet accommodations, please give me a call.

November looks like it is shaping up quite well with lots to do.

But, before this happens...Halloween will be celebrated in Paia and Lahaina both this year... So, get creative...people tend to go "all out" with costumes. I have no idea, have not worn a costume in years...We'll be handing out goodies in our Windermere office in Paia on Friday night. It will be a Paia celebration evening..Stop by and say hi if you are cruisin Paia.....

Aloha for now,

Wailuku First Friday
November 4, 6 – 9 pm
Market Street, Wailuku
Enjoy live entertainment along the street, arts, shopping, a beer garden, food and fun around town.
Info: (808) 878-1888 or

Hawaiian Music Series
November 10, 11 am - 12:30 pm
Baldwin Home Museum, Lahaina
Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winning vocalist Teresa Bright will make a special appearance at this free concert out on the museum lawn.
Info: (808) 661-3262 or

I Keia Manawa November 13 – December 23
Schaefer Gallery, Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Kahului
I Keia Manawa (of our time) explores social issues pertaining to Hawaiian culture, the environment and politics by four Native Hawaiian women who are established artists and college professors: Maile Andrade, Kaili Chun, April Dregas and Kapulani Landgraf. Info: (808) 242-7469 or
ONO Series
November 14, 6:30 pm

Iao Theater, Wailuku
Maui OnStage presents a free staged reading of ‘Rock of Ages’ an original radio play by Joel Agnew.
Info: (808) 244-8680 or

Celebrating Native Plants with Songs by Cody Pueo Pata Maui Nui Botanical Gardens, Kahului
November 19, 10 am-12 pm Join Kumu Hula and Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winner, Cody Pueo Pata, for a morning of Hawaiian music as he serenades you with mele (songs) about the inspiring native plants of Hawai'i. Info and reservations: (808) 249-2798 or

Kulanihako‘i: Living Waters
November 20, 3 – 4 pm
Koele Lodge, Lanai
Maui Arts & Cultural Center presents excerpts from the original hula drama inspired by Hawaiian myths – Kulanihako'i, about the many facets of water and its relationship to ocean, land and sky.
Info: (808) 242-4283

A Christmas Carol
November 25 - December 11
Iao Theater, Wailuku
Maui OnStage presents Charles Dickens’ classic holiday story ‘A Christmas Carol’ with music adapted by Tom Frey, on Friday and Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sunday matinee at 3 pm.
Info: (808) 244-8680 or

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Upcoming Upcountry Event..

A very special place in Upcountry Maui. If you are able to attend, it will be enjoyable.

Kick back, listen to some sweet music and eat some ono grinds!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Upcountry Art Scene

Aloha from a cozy Maui evening...

Today was a bit cloudy with a hint of the end of summer in the air.

Makawao was abuzz last night with the Grand Opening of the new Maui Hands. The store, parking lot, and next door gallery were packed with well wishers enjoying themselves in the glitz and glamour of opening night.

Maui Hands in an icon in the art scene on our lovely isle. This is Panna's 7th store in 19 years.She has out done herself with this quality collection. More than 250 artisans and crafters are represented in Maui Hands of Makawao.

The classic upcountry style building, located in the heart of Makawao, was aglow with art, jewelry, wood crafts, photography, and artful clothing. Jewlery ranges from gem stones to sea shells and so much more.

The art scene in Maui is well established, and our art community grows more and more every year. I've said before, the quality of light in our islands is every artists dream. Inspiration is around every corner, and many Maui folks are quite talented and very expressive. One of my favorite artists represented at Maui Hands is Christine Halton. Christine is a fine arts artist whose botanical rendentions on wood are so striking, yet, soft and gentle. I really love Christine's work!

It makes me happy that we keep creating.....expressing beauty, regardless of the challenges we face in the world, is a good thing.

Write, paint, draw, sing, play music, throw pots, turn bowls, sew............

Here's to finding a bit of time as often as possible to feed your creative muse.

Come to Maui for inspiration, bring your tablets and brushes, or shop at the Upcountry Fine'll be happy you did.

Much Aloha,


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hawaii State Championship Canoe Races

Aloha from the Valley Isle

Yesterday our island home hosted the annual State Championship outrigger canoe races. Even though I have not competed in canoe racing for a few years, I still get very pumped watching the canoes leaping off the start line and working the course to make the turn for a sprint to the finish line.

Canoe paddling training is relentless, practice is held several times a week, no matter what the conditions on the water. It is a full time committment to paddle.

However, I really loved the paddling community, there is an obvious love for the ocean and all things Hawaii with these folks.

This year had a few special bonus points for me. My family came over from the Big Island to have a booth at the event. Moku Nui, Big Island, was well represtented. They are quite popluar and have a huge following of folks who love their surf wear. It was my first time working a booth with them, and it was lively and fun and quite busy.

The yearly event being on our home island of Maui was also wonderful, and furthermore, my old club, Hawaiian Canoe Club won again!! With 366 points for the day, Hawaiian came out on top, in our home waters and elation was definitely in the air.

The magnificent koa wood canoes are used for the state championship. These canoes are a labor of love from the master canoe builders and the clubs who are priveledged to race them. The koa wood glistens in the sun, the canoes are heavy and solid. It takes more effort to get them up and running.

I was able to see a few of my old paddling buddies . Our bonds will always stay strong. We practiced hard, crossed channels and really depended on eachother in many ways during those times. I never trained so hard as I did to cross those channels in an outrigger canoe. You give it all you have in these crossings, can't hold back.

My dear friend, Susan, who now paddles for Kihei Canoe club, had a fantastic race. The crew photo is posted at the top of the blog. Her crew of Senior Master women had an outstanding race. They shot accross the start line, blasting way ahead of the pack, slowed a little in the turn, but ended with a photo finish in second place.

I finished my day satisfied and sunburned..lots of smiles and great vibes.

As we say here ( and really mean it) "Lucky we live Hawaii!"Hope you folks have a chance soon to come and have a taste of our wonderful life.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Leilani Farm Animal Sanctuary

Mehana loved the sweet donkey!

Aukai and Mr. Pig, I forget his name

Aloha Animals Lovers

Deep in the heart of Haiku, sits a farm with a surprising cast of characters. The 8 acre sanctuary is home to goats, rabbits, donkeys, pea hens, pigs, ducks, deer and chickens. (Hope I did not leave anyone out.)

My grandkids and I recently had an afternoon visit at Leilani Farm Animal Sanctuary. It was great fun, and my grandson Aukai declared that he wanted to have a job at this cool place. He was in charge of brushing everyone who would let him. Audrey the deer followed us on our tour looking for some more love. The blind pig normally does not like to be brushed, but he was quite comfortable with Aukai.

This volunteer, non-profit sanctuary provides care and shelter for unwanted and abused animals, who, I must say, have now hit the jack pot! Our guide and the guardian angel of the animals, Lauralee is dedicated to raising the animals in a peaceful environment.

Tours are open to the public on Tues and Saturdays with a $10 donation requested. I will be posting this fun opportunity on my http://www.volunteer-on-vacation-hawaii/vacation-hawaii/ web site. This will be the first opportunity that is not strictly environmentally based.

So, if you want to have fun, do good, and hang out with some cool critters, hook up with Leilani Farms at I just had some guests call who are coming out to volunteer in another animal shelter this time. They've had fun in the past at Lelani.

Hope everyone is enjoying July, the weather here was a bit cool and wet, but, now summer is in full swing.

I hope you have an animal friend to love! ( My ducks are on on the loose...need to convince them to stay inside..I was herding one of them up my street yesterday, looking a bit silly)



Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another 4th of July


Another 4th has come and gone...the year is half over already, how did that happen?!

This year's parade was sweet as usual, with the added bonus that it was NOT an election year. No staggering amounts of politicians to yawn through.

Upcountry enjoyed beautiful horses, elegant riders, great music and the stick horse race to get things going.

My grandson and I braved the chilly evening rain to go and watch the bull riders on Friday night. He said he enjoyed it, but was too cold. I can say that I tried, but, the parade is by far my favorite part of the weekend.

Enjoy the photos that my friend Milo Hillaire took.

Keep on enjoying life, even if the holiday is pau (finished).

Much Aloha,


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Grand and Beautiful Pa'u Riders


In honor of King Kamehamea, the great Statesman of Hawaii, you are all invited to the Na Kamehameha Commermative Pa'u Parade and Ho'olaule'a this Sat, June 18th.

The colorful parade starts at 9:45 a.m. on Front Street in Lahaina.. All the beautiful pa'u riders will be in their finest traditonal satins draped with colorful and fragrent lei. They are a wonderful sight to behold.

The proud horses will be at their best with braided tails and manes decked with flower lei prancing down Front Street. This is my favorite part of any and all parades. I am always in awe, and wish it lasted longer. It is a grand tradition. Riding a spirited horse is a feat in itself, now, imagine doing it with huge hair, a gracious smile, lots of lei and a fancy satin gown....hmm.

The Hololaule'a starting mid-day, will feature tradtional crafts, ono food, and entertainment all afternoon. Something fun to look forward to. It's a great event to share with family and friends, for visitors and kama'aina alike.

Bring your camera, wear sunscreen, and, see you out there!

We are so blessed to live in a place that keeps important tradition alive in the midst of so much change in the world.

Mahalo to the people of Hawaii.

Aloha, a hui hou...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Frist Friday Coming Up!


Wailuku Town's First Friday is almost here again.

I am going to head over to this event for sure.
It's nice to cruise the street, see friends, listen to music, dine and shop.
Maui always has something fun to attend. With all our talented folks who live here,
art openings, music happenings, cultural events, and plays are easy to find.

I do think this is one of the reasons Maui has captured my heart, among many others.

OK, see you on the street!!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oahu Adventures

Kama'aina (Hawaii residents) like to holo-holo (travel) to outer islands. Island hopping is not what it used to be, especially as far as ticket prices go. I remember $12 inner island tickets! So, now, we plan real vacations instead of jumping over for lunch, or a surf, or to shop. Best to make the most of it.

I had a special occaision with some of my ohana this last weekend. We stayed in Waikiki , that's one busy place! The main event was a fashion show that my grand daughter was in. It was great fun, and I enjoyed seeing all the girls stomping down the cat walk for family and friends.

I introduced my daughter to a very special place called Foster Gardens. The beautiful grounds in the middle of Honolulu can make you forget that you are even in the city. This amazing garden, was planted in the late 1880's, and is still vibrant and healthy today. The wide variety of trees are magnificent, as in HUGE, and still growing. All in all, it was fun to take a break and have a different experience. Each island is has it's own personality.

Here's to stepping out and having some fun. New experiences enrich us for our whole lives. I think my travel bug will never retire......

Much Aloha,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maui in May , Spring Sale at Hale Ho'okipa

Aloha all,

It's mid May, usually a quiet time in the islands. Which means it's a great time for visitors to enjoy our beautiful Maui... The purple Jacaranda trees are starting to bloom, our trade winds are coming back, and we've had some beautiful showers to sweeten everything.

What's more, (even more goodness!) it's Spring Sale time at Hale Ho'okipa Inn! I'm offering a super deal through the rest of the month.
15% off accommodations until June 1 and 5% off future bookings if made before June 1st

This is the time to make your bookings and Makawao, Maui plans. Haleakala beckons the adventure spirit. Pukalani Country Club golf course is courting the budget conscious golfers.
Makawao town is ripe for wonderful pickings and ono restaurants to satisfy your cravings and curiosity.

Love waking up to the early light, a great time of year with all the promise of joy unfolding right now!
Come visit, you'll feel refreshed.

Much Aloha,

Sunday, May 8, 2011's May!!!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone who loves and cares for the children

(wish I knew how to make those little hearts on the computer!!)

Maui County Product Enrichment Program 2011

(lots of great things to look forward to). I heard the amazing Seabury Hall annual Mother's Day fair was a huge success yesterday. I didn't make it up, but if you ever get a chance, it's a real happening.

M A Y E v e n t s

Please contact event organizers for more information, subject to change.

Maui Classical Music Festival
May 1, 2, 4 & 6
Kapalua, Makena & Hana
Maui’s premier chamber music festival celebrates 30 years with a concert lineup featuring works by Bach, Beethoven, Dvorak and other composers, performed by world class visiting musicians. On May 2 & 6, the Makena Beach Resort is offering attendees a buffet dinner special before the 7 pm performances at Keawalai Church.
Information and tickets: (808) 874-9372 or

Wailuku First Friday
May 6, 6 - 9 pm
Market Street, Wailuku
Join the crowd at Wailuku’s monthly streetfest for live music, ono foods, a poetry slam, arts and crafts, and more!
Information: (808) 249-9710 or

11th Maui Matsuri
May 6, 6 - 9 pm Kickoff at Queen Kaahumanu Center, Kahului
May 13 & 14, UH Maui College Campus, Kahului
This Japanese cultural celebration includes a free family movie at 6:30 pm Friday, followed by Saturday’s 2 - 9 pm festival with live entertainment, obon dances, food and craft booths, cultural exhibits, keiki activities and contests.
Information: (808) 283-9999 or

Hawaiian Music Series
May 12, 11 am - 12:30 pm
Baldwin Home Museum, Lahaina
Mika & Friends perform a free lunchtime concert on the shady Baldwin Home lawn facing Front Street.
Information: (808) 661-3262 or

Olukai Ho‘olaule‘a Maui
May 14 & 15
Kanaha Beach Park, Kahului
Participate in the eight-mile Downwind Stand Up Paddle and OC1 Races. Celebrate Hawaiian culture with free sailing canoe rides, Hawaiian games, entertainment and a lu‘au; an event supported by Hawai‘ i Tourism Authority.

Hala Weaing Workshop
May 14, 9 - 11 am & 12 - 2 pm
Maui Nui Botanical Gardens, Kahului
Discover the cultural uses of hala while learning to weave a lau hala bracelet with Pohaku Kaho‘ohanohano. Information and registration: (808) 249-2798 or

Allusions of Space
May 15 - June 25
Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Kahului
Schaefer Gallery’s new exhibition features recent works by Hawai‘i artists Dorothy Faison, Carl Jennings and Jennifer Owen inspired by nature, architecture, imaginal space and land use themes. Free admission.
Information: (808) 242-2787 or

Maui OnStage ONO Series
May 16, 6:30 pm
Iao Theater, Wailuku
One Night Only presents a free reading of Neil Simon’s Laughter on the 23rd Floor inspired by his work as a 1950’s television comedy writer.
Information: (808) 244-8680 or

Maui Community Band Concert
May 21, 5:30 pm
Baldwin Home Museum, Lahaina
Maui Invitational Music Festival presents a free classical concert with performances by the Maui Community Band, Maui Brass Ensemble, Maui Cello Quartet and guest harpist Tatyana Shapiro-Leiste.
Information: (808) 283-3576 or

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Art of Trash Maui


I just recently stopped in at the annual Art of Trash in Kahului . This wonderful show has been running for several years and it's always a treat.

The creator and founder of the trash shows is Ira Ono, a well known artist from the Big Island of Hawaii. I still have a goddess for the garden that Ira made years ago. He is a colorful and accomplished artist. I just love his drive to use recycled and re-used materials.

The first year of the show, an artist that I knew had created an amazing throne out of all re-cycled materials that she cleaned from the beaches. It was a wild piece of art embellished with old fishing nets.

This year featured an art display by our school children, and a super fashion show and music played with instruments made from recycled materials. Coffee filters, tattered tarps, garbage bags and all sorts of re-used materials made for some flashy fashions.

When I had my furniture store many years ago, I often sold furniture made from re-claimed wood. One of my biggest, and most expensive, lines came from the old railroad ties from Africa. The wood was so dense, it was heavy and felt like stone. I also had often featured a furniture builder who used the pallets from the docks to make great out- door furniture. It was funky and looked great in the yard.

Rethink your trash, it could be fun!

Here's to being creative and saving our land fills.

Much Aloha,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Earth Day Volunteer Opportunities

Aloha Folks,
Earth Day is coming, April 22. The fate of our beautiful has earth has been front and center in our hearts and minds .
The way I see it, Everyday is Earth Day.
Today I am posting a link to the Preserve Hawaii volunteer opportunity calendar, and Earth Day related events
Mahalo to Kirsten Whatley of Preserve Hawaii for all of her continued efforts in the preservation of our beautiful aina.
The picture I am posting is one of my grand daughter during our last volunteer efforts at the Maui Coastal Land Trust . It's time for me to get over there again. It's been awhile.
4/16 -- Malama 'Aina Festival at Whole Foods -- features Maui nonprofits and how to join their volunteer efforts
4/23 -- Save Honolua Coalition / Surfrider Maui / Community Work Day -- cleanup of Honolua Bay and Lipoa Point -- 8a-11a
4/30 -- East Maui Taro Festival -- a celebration of taro, along with arts, crafts, local food, live music, and hula
4/26-5/1 -- Kipahulu 'Ohana -- pre- and post- Taro Festival activities: harvesting and processing taro, preparing poi and laulau, replanting huli and open house at Kapahu Living Farm on Sunday

Friday, April 1, 2011

Maui April Calendar of Events

Aloha All,

Welcome to Maui's Upcoming Events...

So many wonderful events to look forward to this month. Come and enjoy!!!

Much Aloha,

Maui County Product Enrichment Program 2011

A P R I L E v e n t s

Please contact event organizers for more information, subject to change.

Wailuku First Friday
April 1
Market Street, Wailuku
Friday’s 6 -8:30 pm streetfest features magician Brenton Keith, live music bands, a poetry slam, arts and crafts, ono food booths, a traditional awa bar and beer garden, and more. Come support Aloha for Japan.
Information: (808) 878-1888

Maui OnStage ONO Series

April 11
Iao Theater, Wailuku
One Night Only presents at 6:30 pm I Honor My Earth, a free show with music and theater to honor Earth Day.
Information: (808) 244-8680 or

Hawaiian Music Series

April 14
Baldwin Home Museum, Lahaina
Hawaiian falsetto Kaniala Masoe is the featured performer at a free concert from 11 am to 12:30 pm on the Baldwin Home Museum lawn facing Front Street.
Information: (808) 661-3262 or

Maui Community Band Concert
April 15
Grand Wailea Resort, Wailea
The Maui Invitational Music Festival series presents a Hawaiian themed concert featuring performances by guest musicians and the Maui Community Band premiering an arrangement of Hawai`i 5-0 and medley of music by Israel Kamakawiwo`ole. Enjoy the sunset and this free oceanfront concert at 5 pm.
Information: (808) 283-3576 or

Celebration of the Arts
April 22-23
Ritz Carlton Resort, Kapalua
The 19th annual festival of Hawaiian arts offers two days of free hands-on art activities and displays, entertainment, a mele contest and panel discussions on cultural traditions aligned with this year’s theme:
“E na aumakua - a call to our ancestors and all things natural.”
Information: (808) 669-6200 or

Henry K. Allen Steel Guitar Festival

April 29 – May 1
Kaanapali Beach Resort, Lahaina
A celebration of the Hawaiian steel guitar and legendary musician Henry Kaleialoha Allen, featuring free guest performances starting at 5:30 pm on Friday and Saturday, along with cultural and hands-on music workshops throughout the weekend, and entertainment at Sunday brunch.
Information: (808) 283-3576 or

Maui Classical Music Festival

April 29 – May 6
Makawao, Kapalua, Makena & Hana
The 30th annual chamber music festival gets underway April 29 with a performance of “Amadeus – The Magical Life and Music of Mozart” narrated by Howard Dicus. Four unique concerts follow, all performed by world class visiting musicians. On May 2 & 6, the Makena Beach Resort is offering concert attendees a buffet dinner special before the 7 pm performances at Keawalai Church.
Information and tickets: (808) 874-9372 or

Ethnobotanical Garden Tours

Maui Nui Botanical Gardens, Kahului
Interpreted tour covers the natural history, conservation and ethnobotanical uses of native Hawaiian and Polynesian introduced plants. Offered Tuesdays and Fridays, 10 – 11:30 am by reservation and donation.
Information: (808) 249-2798 or

Friday, February 18, 2011

Perserve Hawaii Update!

Preserve Hawaiʻi

Opportunities in Volunteering for Hawaiʻi's Environment

-- I want to let you know that Volunteer Calendars for each main island are now online! This represents over 60 environmental organizations with available projects throughout 2011.

Huge Mahalo to Kirsten from Perserve Hawai'i for all her work and effort in getting the word out for all

If you want to help protect and preserve Hawaii's fragile environment, and meet great folks while doing so, check out the calendar to see what fits best for you.
I also have information available on my site, volunteer on vacation in Hawaii.

These are lifetime experiences that you will cherish long after the vacation is over.

Malama the aina....take care of the land.

With Gratitude and Aloha,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Big Island Family Fun


Last weekend I spent a wonderful couple of days with my family. We all are so busy, finding free time can be challenging. Oh, but when we find it, the rewards are so sweet.

Finally we had a walk in the woods to gather plants for our wreathes. I know Christmas is over , so how about Chinese New Year? I actually do enjoy having fresh wreathes with the moss and native plant clippings in the house any time of the year. As usual, mine is a spontaneous creation, and my daughter's is well planned and rather perfect. She is still organizing her piles of similar clippings and colors to prepare to start, and I am already half way through my wreath. It's fun spreading our clippings on the picnic table out on the lanai. It's a relaxing time , special and easy. I amblessed to share this joy with my beautiful daughter.

A hula performance was the main reason for my weekend get away. My granddaughter dances with the Beamer-Solomon Halau O Po'ohala. I have watched her since her young days dancing hula, and I can really see her deep commitment. Her performance with a heart warming smile brought tears to my eyes. It was a wonderful evening with great Hawaiian music, lively visuals and of course the sweet little keiki ( small children) all dancing their keiki hula.

February rolls on with high season in full swing. Hopefully everyone on their way to Maui has made accommodations arrangements. It's great seeing people returning to Hawaii to enjoy our beautiful islands, warm weather and relaxed style. There is so much to Hawaii, it's mixed bag of cultures and traditions. Our food is ono, our skies are usually blue, the ocean is full of whales. Hawaii is a magnificent and fragile place.

Wherever you are this month, may you have some special time with those you love. May you know joy in sharing quiet moments.

Much Aloha,

Monday, January 31, 2011


Holy Cow, what a line up!! As I said in my last post, Maui is truly an Art Mecca. Check this out!

Three weekends in a row of amazing talent to visit, watch, learn and support. Each showcased artist will be giving demonstrations at their studios, open to the public. Visit the site for maps and artist bios, see who rocks your boat, and give them a visit.....Lucky we live Hawaii!!

See you there,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celebration of Hawaii through the Arts


The Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao has recently opened a new show titled Celebration of Hawaii 2011. This showing features ceramics, glass works, jewelry, photography, sculpture, quilts, watercolor, pastels and oils.

The artists are also offering demonstrations to anyone who wants to watch and learn. What a bonus! Today I enjoyed a demonstration from one of my favorite Plein Air pastel artists, Michael Clements.  The freshness of his work, the blocks of surprising rich color, and his ability to capture the quiet moments of life really speaks to me. I guess this what makes a successful Plein Air artist. In one hour Michale had a piece of work that I was so very excited about. Wow, I wonder how long it will take me to get comfortable with this medium. I've been enjoying pastels lately, but this bold approach really gave me something to think about.

Another artist that I also enjoy, Carmen Gardner, is shown in these posted photos. I've taken a few watercolor classes from Carmen. She is a very accomplished artist who participates in many shows. A few years back one of her incredible portraits was chosen for the cover for Art Maui. Carmen's attention to detail in her watercolors is astounding. She is pictured in front of her very striking oil painting of a lava flow in Kalapana. This work showcases Carmen's versatility, and this particular painting was one of my favorite of the show.

Michael Clements states on his web site, "I feel blessed to be living in a community that is rich in artistic talent and an Island that encourages and promotes the growth and education of artists of every age." He says it well, and, I have also said it time and again, "Maui is a world renowned Art Mecca." Artists and crafts people of all ages, all abilities, all talents and focuses share, show, teach and learn from each other. It's a blessing that everywhere I look, I can find an accomplished, willing and able artist to study with and learn from. How lucky I am!

If you want to view, purchase, learn or teach Art, come to Maui. You'll be happy you did!

PS. While you are here, if you need fine art supplies, please visit our lovely local art store in Makawao, Upcountry Fine Arts. These wonderful folks also have a gallery in their store, and they'll help you with all the art supplies you need.

Much Aloha,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow on Mt. Haleakala


Where's my socks!?

It's a nippy morning with SNOW on Haleakala. Wow, break out the Ug boots and fleece vests ( local wardrobe in the winter), cuz, Baby, it's cold outside!

We do not get snow often on Maui, seems like every 5-10 years. Unlike Mauna Kea on the Big Island, this mountain is white capped every year. Mauna means moutain and kea, white, in the Hawaiian language. Island residents high tail it up to Mauna Kea when there is snow, just to build a snow man or take a few turns, or ride a boogie board down the slopes. It is rather "survival fun", and the mountain being so high, 14,000 ft, people tend to leave their rational thought around 8,000 ft. Me included, I admit to skiing on Mauna Kea one morning many years ago, and surfing in the afternoon. I think just because I could.

My friend up in Kula, Aki' Ra Yashiro snapped some more amazing shots this morning of our beloved Haleakala blanketed in snow. On Maui, our mountain is closed during these super cold snaps due to dangerous ice on the curving mountain road. Some Mauians get a little upset because they want to travel up to the snow. I understand why the park personal make the decision to close the road. That black ice is no joke.

So, here's to the never ending, always changing , always amazing natural beauty of our wonderful islands. Remember to keep doing good things for the earth, as every day is Earth Day!

Keeping cozy,