Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Malama Wao Akua 2013


One of my favorite art shows of the year opened Friday night at Viewponts Gallery in Makawao.
Malama Wao Akua 2013 is a juried art exhibition where Maui's artists help raise awareness  about Maui's native species. Elementary and High School artists gain a greater appreciation and more knowledge about the Natives as they research and create their art project for the show. We know the value in engaging our children in important matters to their communities, environment, and cultural heritage.
Many children of Hawaii have been learning hula since they were very young, while others are new to the art. Hula takes commitment, and these lovely girls delighted guests with their performance.

My entry, " Vintage Lauhala Hat with Lehua Lei'po'o" ,was selected for the show.  I had a great time creating my first copper plate etching, and was pleased with the outcome. Being selected for the show was super. I look forward to this event every year, and my art has been selected  for the last four years that I've entered. The collection in the area of the gallery where my piece was displayed was an interesting mix  depicting  native species in clothing and jewelery.These pieces were "out of the box"  yet still met the requirement of showcasing native species.

  Many artists chose to highlight our popular native birds, the red feathered Apapane being a favorite. An informative display was available for anyone interested in learning more.
Malama ( To Protect and Preserve) East Maui's Native Hawaiian Forested Watershed 's rainforest and primary water source, has been the mission of East Maui Watershed Partnership. This partnership , created in 1991, is a combined effort between federal, state and private land owners with the common goals of controlling invasive species and animals, and education through outreach. Lands are being preserved ad protected, and the staff who build fences and pull invasive species are hard working and dedicated folks.

Combining art and the protection of our environment, how lucky are we!
Here's to doing what we love to do.
 Our home in Hawaii and our planet need our attention, before many things are gone forever.

With Aloha,