Friday, September 19, 2014

Mornings at the Inn


One of the things I have learned in life, and as an Innkeeper, is that one never knows what the day will bring. I guess that is true for most of us, but,  waking up to a breakfast table of new faces on a daily bases has given me the ability to be ready for just about anything.

I recently had a  full house, with lovely guests from Washington D.C. , the Big Island, and two guests from Oahu on a magazine shoot. It was rather humorous knowing my morning ritual was being observed through a lens.
 Because I knew it was scheduled,  I made an effort to look like I had been awake for more than 10 minutes before greeting the public in my kitchen. Even so, I am quite casual with folks, that's my style. 
No pressure, just comfortable breakfast. I do make an effort to keep up conversation until I can see that people are easy and relating. Breakfast is never boring, and often quite enlightening, sometimes challenging. This particular morning I am referring to was just plain funny. The photographers did ask permission of the other guests before snapping their pics. Not a normal day, just another interesting day.

The morning light is soft and it is usually a quiet time for me as I pick and cut fruit and reflect on life. While prepping, I talk to my canary, Manu.  He turns his head, maybe tweets a bit and hops in his bath. If I am really lucky he will sing me a lovely morning song....he has to be in the mood, and often times, a little quiet NPR gets him relaxed and ready for a song...especially opera. He also loves the sound of the blender.....He has a large dwelling, and it is high up away from people  in the window. If folks get too close, he makes his alarm sound so I know he is uncomfortable. He is an easy morning companion. 

We've had a warm spell for about 10 days now...our falls are like that....It feels a bit crisper this morning, and that is always welcome.

May today and tomorrow be good days for you. Life is full of daily challenges, some outcomes are great, others , not so great....but, it just keeps on rolling, and we will see what today brings. 

Love the simple pleasures of life.

With lots of Aloha, a hui hou.


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